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The Encyclopedia of Education for Sustainable Development is an initiative started in 2015 of the Master of Education Programme in Comparative and Global Studies in Education and Development (CGSED) at the Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong.  To find encyclopedia entries, browse by letter above, or enter a search term in the field above.

This online resource is designed for and by Master of Education-CGSED students and professionals in the field of education for sustainable development. Though we are based in Hong Kong, our programme attracts students from around the world, and our concerns are global, as well as local and "glocal," in nature.  Entries should be relevant to contexts beyond Hong Kong and of interest to students and scholars of comparative educational research, international and global studies in education, educational development, and related areas. All encyclopedia entries have been peer reviewed through a double-anonymous peer review process before they are published online. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, or would like to contribute or learn more, you can contact the production manager at esdhku@gmail.com. 

Thanks for visiting this website, a work in progress!

Liz Jackson
Director, Comparative Education Research Centre
Master of Education Programme Director 
University of Hong Kong

Yulia Nesterova
PhD Candidate
University of Hong Kong